A beginning course designed to equip the student with technical skills needed for image capturing, development and the printing of analog photography. Photographic terminology and a broad range of aesthetic styles and approaches are covered during this term. Students learn to present a portfolio of their photographic work as well as the steps to critique their own and their classmates’ images. Lab fee.

There will be 7 major assignments during this term. Oral and written projects are required based upon contemporary and historical issues in photography. On-site field trips are frequent, which help foster creative thinking and seeing as it pertains to current photo trends. This is an all-manual photo class; no auto/digital cameras will be used! An all manual, 35 mm SLR camera is required. Priority will be given to majors. Lab fee.

Major, Minor, Elective credit. 


Prerequisite: ART 111 and/or permission of the instructor.

Prerequisite Courses