Student Groups

The Interfaith Council of Converse College fosters a welcoming environment at Converse by supporting and promoting opportunities for the Converse College community to learn about and participate in a variety of religious opportunities on campus and in the surrounding community. The Interfaith Council is led by the College Chaplain, the Student Chaplain and the Associate Student Chaplain and the membership is composed of representatives from a diversity of religious perspectives both within and beyond the Christian faith.

Baptist Collegiate Ministries and UKirch provide campus ministers whose outreach includes Converse, Wofford, University of South Carolina Upstate and Spartanburg Methodist College. The Newman Club (Catholic) is led by Converse students and supported by a local parish priest. Jewish students can find fellowship and support at the B’Nai Israel Temple close to the campus. For those interested in starting your own student religious organization or Bible study, please contact the Chaplain directly.