Minor in Music

The minor in music is available for students not pursuing any type of music major and is a useful addition to many majors across the campus. The minor in music consists of 21 hours of coursework:

3 credit hours must involve instrumental or vocal performance (select from MUA or MEN studies or MTY 151/152); 6 credit hours must involve classroom study (select from MUH, MUT, MUB, or MMD). The other 12 hours are to be selected from other music courses (MEN, MMD, MTY, MUA, MUB, MUE, MUH, MUT) in consultation with the music minor advisor.

In addition, all music minors must complete one semester of MUH 100: Recital Attendance (0 credit).

Please note that many music courses must be taken in sequence (or with permission of the instructor) and that entrance into ensembles and private studios often require a placement audition.


Total Credits