Bachelor of Arts with a Music Major

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will demonstrate intermediate competency in music performance appropriate to the performance area.
  2. Students will demonstrate the understanding of analytical, historical , and cultural issues in music.
  3. Students will advocate for their art and themselves as artists.

Required Courses

  • Students must complete 6 terms of MUH 100: Recital Attendance (0 credits)
  • In lieu of Piano Classes 1-3, students with a concentration in keyboard studies should substitute two long terms of study in another instrument or voice.
  • For music majors the First Year Seminar will be Music History I.
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Recommended Coursework

One or both of the following is strongly recommended for all voice students.

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Required General Education

Graduation requirements but not a separate course:

  • First Year Seminar (MUH 125)
  • Writing Intensive course (MUH 203)
  • Quantitative Reasoning course (MUT 203)
  • Non-European/non-Anglophone course (MUH 332)
  • Capstone experience (MUA 485)
Language and Culture (through 201 level of language) 9 hours
MTH 108 or higher 3 hours
Activity course from PE or Dance 1–2 hours
Humanities (2 courses from 2 different areas) 6 hours
Literature 3 hours
Natural Science (2 courses from 2 different areas; 1 must be a lab course) 7–8 hours
Social Sciences (2 courses from 2 different areas) 6 hours
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Free Electives

  • A second major or a minor is recommended
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