Performance Certificate for Non-Performance Music Majors

Students enrolled in music majors and pursuing the Bachelor of Music degree in Music Education, Music Therapy, or Music Composition as well as the Bachelor of Arts in Music may earn a performance certificate by completing the following:

  1. Take Private lessons for credit with the credit of 2-1-2 on a continuous basis throughout the degree program, whether or not those lesson are required for the chosen degree program.
  2. Admission to the certificate will be contingent upon the approval of the full music faculty at the time of the 203 applied music exams.
  3. Both junior and senior recitals are required with the same level of of recital length and repertoire as the performance majors.
  4. The recitals will be adjudicated using the same standards required for a performance degree.

Upon successful completion of the above requirements a notation will be made on the academic transcript at the time of graduation.

Total Credits