Class Program
Credits 3 4

A special program offering the student the opportunity to learn about chemical applications in the United States and in foreign countries. The student will incur additional costs.

Jan 2022 Hit the Road, Monterey Jack!  Have you ever wondered how cheese is made and why it tastes the way it does?  This non-lab, natural science GEP course will focus on the science of cheese making.  We will work our way through several cheese making methods starting with raw milk through the aging process. We will also introduce the molecules that are responsible for giving various cheeses their distinct flavors and learn why some cheeses pair with other foods better than others. In addition to learning the science behind various types of cheeses and how they are made, we will embark on an epic quest in France to taste cheeses and explore how they are made. 


GEP non-lab science credit. First year friendly.