Art History Major

Degree Type
Bachelor of Arts, BA

The mission of the Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History is to provide students with an understanding of visual culture through the ages, a knowledge of the major artists and artworks and their historical context with an emphasis on the West, and the ability to analyze, write and discuss the style, content, theory, and historical context of specific periods and artists.

The major in art history provides students with an understanding of visual culture through lecture and discussion, field trips to museums, internships and travel study opportunities. The art history degree provides a strong liberal arts education and prepares the student for graduate programs in art history as well as entry-level positions in galleries, museums and art auction houses. Students of art history have careers as diverse as managing a private art collection to becoming assistant to the White House art curator.

Art History Major Program Goals

Upon graduation, the art history major will be able demonstrate:

  1. A broad understanding of art history movements and historical context of significant artworks and artists.
  2. Critical thinking, research, writing and oral presentation skills with technical abilities to do online research and develop PowerPoint presentations.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will explain art history based on research.
  2. Students will critically analyze the art by proving a thesis.
  3. Students will employ oral presentation skills.

Converse art history majors may take some art history courses offered at Wofford University, but only with prior approval of the Converse Art History program coordinator. The program requires a total of 36 credit hours.

Students in the art history major are urged to take their electives in such liberal arts areas as philosophy, history, religion, humanities, or literature, and have a strong background in French, Italian, German or Spanish. A double major is a possible option with an art history major.


Students who double major in history and politics may count two departmental cross-listed courses toward each major, and they only take the Capstone course once. Except with specific department permission, no more than three courses taken at any place other than Converse, including courses taken at Wofford, may count toward the minimum hours for the major. Students on approved study abroad programs (with prior authorization) and transfer students may request that the department grant a larger exemption.

Art Selection

Choose one of the following:

Item #
Sub-Total Credits

Art History Selection

Either ART 307 or ART 464 fulfills the experiential learning requirement for degree program.

Item #
Sub-Total Credits

Art History Requirements

ART 460 fulfills the capstone and writing intensive GEP requirements.

Item #
Sub-Total Credits

Art Electives

Plus three additional courses from the following areas:

  • American
  • Decorative Arts
  • Nineteenth Century
  • Non-Western Art
  • Special Topics
  • Women and Art
Sub-Total Credits
Total Credits