History Major

The department offers a Bachelor of Arts with a history major that consists of a minimum of 36 credit hours as outlined below. HST 100 or HST 110 and/or HST 201, 202 are encouraged but not required.

Internships do not count toward the 36-hour minimum major requirements. Students who double major in history and politics may count no more than two departmental cross-listed courses toward each major, and they only take the Capstone course once. Except with specific department permission, no more than three courses taken at any place other than at Converse, including courses taken at Wofford, may count toward the minimum hours for the major.

Transfer students and students on approved study abroad programs (with prior authorization) may be given more latitude on this provision.

Policy for Calculation of Major GPA History

The required GPA to graduate with a history major or minor is 2.0. The major or minor GPA calculation includes all courses taken under the designation History, no matter how many courses that may be. If a course is designated as cross- listed between history and politics and it is counted toward a history major, it is included in the major or minor GPA calculation, even if it was taken under the designation Politics. A student must have a 2.0 GPA in the major to enroll in the Senior Seminar and must pass the Senior Seminar to graduate with a history major (see the Senior Seminar course listing below).

Additional History Courses

  • Complete 18 additional required hours of history courses. 

Can be from the previous lists of courses or any other History course. Only two courses from the 100 level can count toward the major credits.

Sub-Total Credits

Senior Seminar

Capstone project and presentation

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Sub-Total Credits


Internship credits do not count toward the major credit requirements.

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Total credits:




Bachelor of Arts, BA