Class Program
Credits 3

In exceptional cases, consent of the department staff will permit enrolling in the course in the absence of some of the course prerequisites. It is intended for senior psychology majors. The course will offer experience in an applied setting. Students will be placed with local social agencies or other dispensers of psychological services (out-of-town placement is also possible) who have agreed to accept and evaluate them on an internship basis. The course will also involve weekly seminars with the departmental staff and other interns for examination of problems that have arisen in the work situation. In the case of out-of- town placement, a paper will be required instead of the seminars. The course is intended for those psychology majors who wish to seek employment at the Bachelor of Arts level. It is not recommended for those who plan to pursue an advanced degree program. Pass/fail grading.


A 3.0 average in the major. PSY 374, 231, 310 and 332.


Major credit.