Class Program
Credits 1

This course is offered with instructor permission to cadets via a reciprocal relationship with Wofford College Department of Military Science. The Functional Fitness for Leaders physical education course is designed to develop your personal fitness in several physical attributes using differing but complementary modes of fitness. This course also provides novice experience on teaching fitness to others as a small group leader. The physical attributes addressed in this course include: anaerobic capacity, aerobic capacity, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, mobility, balance, power and speed. The modalities of fitness incorporated in this course include: conditioning training (running, plyometrics), strength training (weightlifting), functional fitness to include ground-level gymnastics (push ups, pull ups), and mobility work (stretching). The course is instructed three days a week in an inclusive group workout. All workouts can be adapted for any fitness level or capability. This course provides supplementary programming for additional workouts that can be completed individually to improve your fitness in additional areas--this supplementary work is optional and provided for free to students in the course looking for further development. The course uses a mobile app to broadcast the daily workouts; students will use a workout log (free app or journal) to track progress across the semester. The primary instructor is an Army Master Fitness Trainer and CrossFit Level 2 Trainer. Every group session is augmented with additional coaches and trainers for safety and supervision.