• Appeals for suspension of financial aid are reviewed by the Financial Aid Appeals Committee.
  • The number of appeals will be limited to two (2) per student and forms may be obtained from the Financial Planning Office.
  • Appeals must include an academic plan signed by the Director of Student Development and Success detailing the requirements the student must meet to ensure SAP standards are met by a specific time or to ensure the student graduates. Appeals for length of eligibility should include the remaining classes needed to graduate and an anticipated graduation date.
  • Appeals also must include an explanation from the student of why satisfactory progress was not made and what has changed that will make it possible to meet standards. Examples of acceptable extenuating circumstances include prolonged hospitalization during the academic year, death in the family during the academic year, change in work hours that conflicted with the class schedule during the academic year or other extenuating circumstances directly affecting academic performance.
  • If the Committee determines that justifiable evidence of extenuating circumstances exists, a student may receive an extension of financial aid eligibility and be placed on financial aid probation.