Major: Prerequisites: A 3.0 average in the major, ART 355, 357, 380, ART 453, and permission of the instructor: A three-credit internship is required for senior art therapy majors. (A three-credit internship consists of 120 hours of experience in a clinical or educational setting.) The goal is for students to achieve experience in facilitating art-making with a specific population. This internship will also offer opportunities to understand the overall structure and dynamics of a social service agency. Student interns will attend a weekly group supervision class to present participants' artwork and explore responses and problems related to their overall field experience. Weekly observation handouts and visual research imagery will support future career skills, including but not limited to time management and excellent communication in the field. Internship placements are available in locations throughout the Upstate region. Students are required to provide their transportation - Lab fee. ($30)


ART 355, 357, 380, ART 453, a 3.0 average in the major, and permission of the instructor are required.