Pre-pharmacy is a 2-, 3- or 4-year program required for admission to PharmD. Programs. The length of this pre-professional program will depend upon the abilities of the individual student, the pharmacy school of the student's choice, and career goals. Pre-pharmacy students need to show a strong aptitude toward the sciences. Since pharmacy schools vary in their admission policies, a student should contact the school of their choice for its requirements. For more information on the application process to Pharmacy Schools, please visit the PharmCAS website.

Students pursuing the four-year pre-pharmacy program will major in chemistry, biochemistry, or biology. Most pharmacy schools require prospective students to take the Pharmacy University Admission Test, which does include some questions about human physiology, human anatomy and basic biochemistry.

The total semester hours that must be completed prior to matriculation is 66 hours which includes the following courses:

Required Courses Hours
Biology 8
General Chemistry 8
Organic Chemistry 8
Microbiology 3
Human Anatomy 3
Human Physiology 3
Economics 3
English Composition 3
English Literature 3
Speech/Verbal Skills/Public Speaking 3
Statistics 3–4
Calculus 3–4
Physics 3–4
Psychology 3
Liberal Arts Electives 9

Science courses should include laboratory work.