Career and Pre-Professional Programs

The programs presented in this section have been created to help students relate their liberal arts education to career goals. Their general characteristics are explained in the chapter titled “Academic Life.” While it is necessary to point out that the success of students in gaining employment or admission to graduate school depends most of all upon their own initiative, talents, and efforts, many of our students find these career-oriented programs to be helpful in identifying their own objectives, gaining practical experience, and realizing their career ambitions.

Career programs are those that provide prerequisite training for a particular career that may be entered immediately after graduation or after further study. They are groups of courses that do not constitute a major. Majors (such as accounting, business administration, interior design, and education) that provide this kind of training are described in the departmental courses of study. Pre-professional programs are those that provide prerequisite training for graduate study leading to a professional degree. Internships, some of which are included in these programs, are described in the departmental course listings, and further information may be obtained from the department. See also the Guidelines for Internships, available from the Center of Student Development and Success.

Degrees and Certificates