Pre-Veterinary School

A pre-veterinary medical student can choose any undergraduate major. However, the student must fulfill the course requirements for admission to the veterinary schools to which the student plans to submit an application. Most veterinary schools list the following requirements.

Required Courses Hours
Biology/Zoology 8
General Chemistry 8
Organic Chemistry 8
Biochemistry 3–4
Physics 8
English (Composition and Writing) 6
Humanities and Social Sciences 18

some schools do not accept AP English credit


Recommended Courses Hours
Comparative Anatomy 4
Cellular Biology (required at UT) 4
Genetics (required at NC State) 4
Microbiology (required at NC State) 4
Animal Nutrition (not Human) (required at NC State) 3
Statistics (required at NC State) 3

To Be a Competitive Applicant, A Student Must Meet the Following Eligibility Requirements:

  • Cumulative GPA: At least 3.5
  • Required Course GPA: At least 3.5
  • Last 45 Credit Hours GPA: At least 3.5

The student should also demonstrate, with proper documentation, an understanding of the veterinary medical profession and proper animal care through internships or volunteer works in a veterinary clinic. Some students gain experience by participating in research, breeding, rearing, feeding and showing of both small and large animals, domestic or wildlife. Most veterinary schools require a minimum number of hours of veterinary experience under direct supervision of a veterinarian at the time of application. In addition, participation in undergraduate research, independent studies, athletics, honors program, active involvement in extracurricular activities, and leadership roles in school organizations are also taken into account. Applicants are also required to take the GRE (Verbal, Quantitative, and Writing Components).

A student interested in veterinary programs should consult with the pre-health professions adviser to plan the student's curriculum to meet these requirements. For more information about specific admission requirements at each US Veterinary School, visit the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC) website.

Applying to Veterinary School

For information on the application process, deadlines and other requirements, please consult the Veterinary Medical University Application Service (VMCAS) website.