Arts Administration Minor

  • MARY CARLISE, coordinator

Mission Statement

The arts administration minor at Converse University seeks to prepare students to lead and manage arts and cultural organizations. The program will assist students to develop their capacities as executives, fundraisers, planners, marketers, and financial managers in the nonprofit and for-profit arts.

Student Learning Outcomes

Evidence of basic knowledge of the visual, musical, dance and theatrical arts is indicated by the student’s successful completion of exams and assignments in fine arts courses.
Skills to organize and manage a Board and the staff of an arts organization will be exhibited in the successful design of a Board and demonstration of administrative capabilities in course assignments, as well as during the internship.

Demonstration of fundraising ability will be displayed through grant writing experience and other fundraising concepts such as donor campaigns in class assignments and in the internship.
Exhibition of marketing skills and community development will be evidenced in course assignments including at least one marketing campaign, and in an internship where community involvement and marketing will be practiced.

GPA Calculations for the Catalog for the Arts Administration Minor

The GPA for the Arts Administration minor is calculated using all required courses for the minor. Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 in the minor to graduate.


Required Courses

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Sub-Total Credits
Total Credits