President's Cabinet

Krista L. Newkirk, J.D., President
Jeffrey H. Barker, BA, MA, PhD, Provost
Jennifer Bell, BS, MS, Director of Intercollegiate Athletics
Krista Bofill, BS, MEd, Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Zach Corbitt, AA, BS, MBA, Chief Information Officer
Nikeshia Jackson Gilliam, EdD, Director of Human Resources
Boone J. Hopkins, BA, MFA, PhD, Associate Provost for Student Success, Dean of the School of the Arts
Larry Jones, Director of Campus Safety
Holly Duncan , BS, MS, MBA, Director of Communications
Yongmei Li, BA, MEd, PhD, Director of Assessment and Effectiveness, Converse International School
Janae O’Shields, BA, MA, Staff Council President
Lienne Medford, BA, MA, EdD, Dean of the School of Education and Graduate Studies
Rhonda Mingo, BA, MEd, Dean of Students
Gee L. Sigman, BS, MA, EdD, Associate Provost for Institutional Research and Registrar
Gladden Smoke, Director of Facilities
Erin E. Templeton, BA, MBA, PhD, Dean of School of Humanities, Sciences, and Business
Madelyn Young, AB, MA, PhD, Faculty Senate President
James W. Kellam, BS, MBA, Director of Financial Planning
Kristin Lacey, BS, MBA Vice President for Operations and Strategic Planning
Dianne Crocker, BS, Vice President for Finance and Business
Jamie Grant, BA, MS, Vice President for Enrollment Management