Reserve Officer Training Corps


ROTC—Military Science


This pre-professional program confers a student a Congressional Commission as an Officer in the United States Army, upon completion of their Bachelor’s degree and Military Science program requirements.  Military Science students may choose their own academic Major that meets the broad range of majors accepted by the Army for Commission.  The Military Science Department does not offer a Major or a Minor. The Military Science program offers a Basic Course of study, and an Advanced Course of study. The Basic Course of study incurs no obligation of service to the Army, and ends at the MS202 level.  Students may take basic courses of Military Science if they want to explore the opportunity with no obligation; course credit will be awarded toward degree completion. The Advanced Course of study requires satisfactory completion of six semester hours in the Basic Course, to include Leadership Lab and Physical Fitness class requirements, in order to advance in the program.  Students who wish to enroll in Military Science after their sophomore year may do so by completing a four-week Basic Camp in the summer after the sophomore year; or present suitable prior military experience, or three years of High School Junior ROTC may substitute for a portion of the basic course, as means of qualifying for the Advanced Course. Successful completion of the 12 credit hour Advanced Course, a 3 credit hour American Military history course, and Advanced Camp in the summer session between the junior and senior years, qualifies the Bachelor degree graduate for a Commission as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army Active Component, Army National Guard or Army Reserve.

Advanced Course students will receive a monthly stipend of $420 paid directly to the student, upon qualifying and contracting for service in the Army.  Advanced Course students are required to qualify and contract no later than their junior year. Stipend payments begin the first month the student contracts for service. Service obligations begin after degree completion, graduation and Commission as an Officer.  Students who are already enlisted or wish to enlist in the Army Reserve or Army National Guard may serve in a Simultaneous Member Program that allows them to collect their ROTC stipend, in addition to the pay and benefits they receive from service in the Reserve Component while a full-time student.

Military Science offers full scholarship opportunities.  Prospective Converse students may compete for a three-year or four-year scholarship during high school. Enrolled Converse students in a full-time status on campus may compete for a three-year or two-year Army scholarship. Army scholarships are merit-based; and funded at the National level.  Army scholarships pay 100% tuition and school fees, plus $1,200 for books each year; or can be used to pay room and board up to $10,000 per year.  The student chooses if they want tuition or room & board. Scholarship funds for tuition and fees are paid directly to the school.  Book funds are paid directly to the student at $600 flat rate per semester. Contact the ROTC Scholarship Officer at 864-597-4338 for more details on the ROTC program and Scholarship opportunities.

Military Science courses are offered via a reciprocal relationship with Wofford College Military Science Department and the Southern Guards Battalion ROTC Program.  Students will attend Military Science courses alongside Wofford and USC Upstate students at various locations.

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