Academic Advising

The Converse University advising program provides academic guidance to students from their entrance until their graduation. Freshman Mentors, who serve as the faculty for Converse’s required First Year Seminars, help students adjust to college life, guide their choice of academic programs, and assist in the development of their talents and goals during their first semester, and throughout a student’s career at Converse. Besides seeing their students in class on a weekly basis, Freshman Mentors schedule conferences with students at regular intervals, and are available for consultation at any time during the fall and beyond. A student may declare a major upon entering Converse. In that case, the student will be assigned a major advisor, but will also continue meeting with a designated Freshman Mentor. If the student does declare a major upon entering the student may work with the major advisor during the advising period for January and Spring terms. If the student does not declare a major upon entering, the student may do so at any time, switching during January and Spring terms advising period or after.

By declaring a major, the student transfers to a major advisor in a particular academic department for advice in a specific program of study. Students choosing double majors are assigned advisors in both academic areas, and should regularly consult BOTH advisors. Students should complete plans for the major(s) and/or a minor no later than the spring of the sophomore year, but preferably sooner.