Career and Pre-Professional Programs

The faculty of Converse University believes that studies in the liberal arts provide the best preparation for career and pre-professional training. In addition, the University offers majors in selected career-related areas and a number of programs that provide the foundations for particular occupations. These programs are not intended to be substitutes for technical education or for graduate professional training, rather, they provide an introduction to the essential knowledge and basic skills of the vocation.

These programs are offered in the conviction that the liberal arts provide the most practical preparation for all of life. The programs, therefore, consist of a set of liberal arts courses, which are organized in a sequence or pattern having relevance to a recognized occupation or vocation.

To enrich these programs, as well as the career- related majors, most departments offer internships in which students earn academic credit for study and work at a business, a government office, a service agency, or another organization within the profession. Many of the internships are offered in locations other than Spartanburg. Since the studies in the classroom are primarily theoretical, the internship brings theory and practice together, thereby enriching the educational process.

These programs are described in the Career and Pre-Professional section of this Catalog.