Changing Courses

Students may add courses only during the first week of the term. Dates for adding courses are in the academic calendar. A student may drop a course in accordance with the following conditions:

  1. Without a grade – through the published date for a 100% refund of the term

  2. “W” - a student may receive a grade of W in the regular terms (Fall and Spring) until two weeks before the last day of any course in the regular term and four days prior to the last day of Jan Term. No one may withdraw from a course after this final date.

  3. Students who drop below the minimum number of hours (12 hours in Fall and Spring Terms; 3 hours in Jan Term) to be considered full-time should be aware of potential problems with both financial aid and on-campus housing. Therefore, part-time status for undergraduate students is strongly discouraged.

After the first three days of a term, students who withdraw from courses with special fees, e.g. applied art, applied math, etc. may apply to the Vice President for Finance and Administration for a partial refund of such fees if any refund is due.

Warning: Anyone adding or dropping a course without following the proper procedure will: 1) not receive credit for the course added; and 2) receive an “F” for any course not officially dropped.

NOTE: Choosing to drop one or more courses should not be confused with SEPARATION FROM THE UNIVERSITY.