Degree Completion

Converse recognizes the diversity in background and goals of students seeking college or university degrees outside of the traditional pathway. In support of such, Converse has our Degree Completion Program (DCP) to offer non-traditional students an opportunity to return to university to complete undergraduate degrees. This program allows this cohort to obtain their degrees with easy access while managing outside
responsibilities at an introductory pace.

For purposes of admission, a degree-seeking student who meets the following criteria classifies as a degree completion student:


  1. Completed a minimum of 48 undergraduate credits from accredited institutions, including at least one course in each of the following areas:
  •  Natural Science
  •  Social and behavioral sciences
  •  Humanities
  •  Fine arts
  •  English 101 Composition or equivalent
  •  Math 108: Finite Math or higher

    2. Enrolled in a program of study that is either business administration or child and family studies at the University Center Greenville (UCG).

Admissions into the Degree-Completion Program requires:

  1. A completed application (
  2. Official transcripts from all college(s) or universities attended at the time of application.
  3. Applicants from the state of South Carolina must submit a high school transcript.  All other transfer students who have not successfully completed at least a two-year program must submit a high school transcript.
  4. Minimum cumulative college grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale.
  5. The transcript of courses taken at another college should reflect a high quality of work. No credit is transferable for work below C grade. 
  6. Submit a Transfer Student Information form from your most recently attended institution.
  7. A reference form may be required.
  8. Personal Insight Questions may be required.

The Degree-Completion Program is offered only to students meeting the definition of a non-traditional student and is not eligible for students who have been enrolled at Converse University within the last academic year. If a student has not been enrolled at Converse University within the last academic year, then they are not eligible for DCP if they have not taken more than two terms off (fall and spring) from being a student at Converse College or University.  If a student has been consecutively enrolled or has not taken more than two long terms (fall and spring) off from being a student at Converse College or University, additional information may be required, and the Undergraduate Admissions Committee would be convened to recommend a decision to the Vice President for Enrollment Management.

Candidates who meet the degree-completion applicant requirements can apply for admission to the Degree Completion Program online. After the application is submitted, candidates are contacted by the Office of Admissions which will assist the student in obtaining any additional required documents and next steps.  Eligible applicants to the Degree Completion Program may have a personal interview with the Director of Admissions or Vice President for Enrollment Management.

Degree Completion students are fully integrated and receive the same high-quality education as our traditional undergraduate students. Outstanding features of the program are a reduced tuition rate, simplified application procedure, no standardized or entrance test scores required, career counseling, and individualized academic advisement. The Degree Completion experience is an integral part of Converse
University - the teaching faculty, and academic requirements for the degree are comparable for both traditional, nontraditional, Converse II, and Degree-Completion students.

Converse University housing is reserved for traditional undergraduate students.