Endowed Scholarships

The following is a list of funds made possible through the generosity of trustees, alumnae, parents and friends of the University. Each scholarship has specific criterion. Converse awards named endowed scholarships to deserving students who possess academic ability and leadership potential. Distribution of the endowed scholarship award is made in two equal payments in the fall and spring semesters, unless otherwise noted. The award will be directly applied to the student’s account upon verification of the student’s full-time enrollment. Students will be notified of which donor (s) support their endowed scholarship awards each fall by the Director of Donor Relations. Students are expected to properly acknowledge their donor (s) each year with a progress report of their studies at Converse.

Ada Smith Lancaster Endowed Scholarship

Aeolian Music Club Scholarship

Agnes Callison Page Carstarphen ’62 Endowed Scholarship

Agnes Petty Pringle Scholarship

Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation Scholarship

Alice A. Suiter Endowed Scholarship

Alice Fitzgerald Lockhart Bates Scholarship

Alice Freeze Poole Scholarship

Amy Stroup Scholarship

Anna Black Habisreutinger Converse Scholarship

Annabel Hamilton Cribb Scholarship

Anne Ebersbach Endowed Scholarship

Anne Lathan Allen Endowed Fund

Antoinette Walker Denny Scholarship

Atlanta Alumnae Chapter Scholarship

Beatrice S. and Thomas H. Maybank Endowed Scholarship

Belk General Scholarship

Bettie Broyhill Gortner and Allene Broyhill Stevens Music Scholarship

Betty Heath Johnson Scholarship

Betty James Montgomery Scholarship

Betty Oare Endowed Scholarship

Bill and Valerie Barnet Endowed Scholarship

Billy Webster Endowed Scholarship

Bradley-Turner Foundation Endowed Scholarship

Callie Rainey Music Scholarship

Camille Chappell Sample Memorial Scholarship

Carolen Belcher Hansard Scholarship

Caroline M. and Robert O. Pickens, Jr. Scholarship

Carolyn Worth Music Scholarship

Carroll McDaniel Petrie Endowment Scholarship

Charlotte Smoak Verreault Endowed Scholarship

Charner William Bramlett Memorial Fellowship Fund

Class of 1938 Scholarship

Class of 1973 Scholarship

Class of 1981 Spirit of Converse Scholarship

Claudia Howell Bissell Music Scholarship

Clifton-Converse Foundation Scholarship

Close Scholarship in Deaf Education Columbia Alumnae Scholarship

Converse II Scholarship

Cornelia Maslin Grier Endowed Scholarship

Crescent Scholarship

Dorothy Law Scholarship Fund

Dorothy Ormand Grier ’50 and J. Thomas Grier Endowment Scholarship

Dr. Henry J. Janiec Scholarship

Duke Energy STEM Scholars Program

E. Craig Sr. and Mazie H. Wall ’31 Scholarship

Edward S. and Irene W. Croft Scholarship

Elaine Finklea Folline ’58 Endowed Scholarship

Elizabeth and Joseph Conklin Scholarship

Elizabeth Hamner Endowed Scholarship

Elizabeth Lyles Blackwell Endowed Scholarship

Elizabeth Patterson Perrin Scholarship

Elizabeth R. Jones Music Scholarship

Ellen Glenn Lightsey Scholarship

Elsa Ezell Holman Scholarship

Emily Jones Rushing Scholarship

Eugenia Tinsley Webb Scholarship

Evan Gentry and Mack Hall Griffin Scholarship

Evelyn H. and Broadus R. Littlejohn Sr. Scholarship

Evelyn Johnston Mims Scholarship Faculty Memorial Scholarship

Faith Courtney Burwell Music Scholarship

Faith Courtney Burwell Voice Endowed Scholarship

Fannie Louise Vermont Holcombe Endowed Scholarship

Felder Frederick Forbes Scholarship

Florence Andrews Helmus Music Scholarship

Florence Andrews Helmus Scholarship

Floride Smith Dean Scholarship

Frances and Ralph Powell Memorial Scholarship

Frances Council Yeager Scholarship

Frank Platt Scholarship Fund

Fred and Sarah Miree Tollison ’71 Endowment Scholarship

Fullerton Foundation Scholarship

G.W. Saunders Scholarship

Garrett-Dunn-Joyce Endowed Scholarship

Gavel Mortar Board Scholarship

Gayle G. & Nathaniel F. Magruder Scholarship

Genelle H. Brown Endowed Scholarship Fund in Music

General Music Scholarship General Scholarships

Genevieve Parkhill Lykes Memorial Scholarship

George & Carol Mahon Tate Education Endowed Scholarship

George & Carol Mahon Tate Music Endowed Scholarship

George Dean Johnson Scholarship

Georgia B. Dickert Endowed Scholarship Fund

Glenn C. Stables Scholarship

G. McLeod and Mildred Kimberly Riggins Merit Scholarship

Hamilton-Jones-Powers Memorial Scholarship

Hazel B. Abbott Memorial Scholarship

Hazel Salley Arthur Scholarship

Helen W. & Collins P. Sink Endowed Scholarship

Henry Edmund Ravenel Scholarship

Honorable S. J. Simpson Scholarship

Irene Walker Conner Scholarship J

ames Lee Turner Scholarship

James David Cobb Endowed Fund Jane Dalton Scholarship

Jane Love Bratton Endowed Scholarship

Janie Lee O’Farrell Moore Scholarship

Janis Dengler Endowed Scholarship

Jasmine E. Kennedy ’11 Endowment Scholarship

Jean ’66 and Mike Russ Scholarship

Jean Harris Knight Scholarship

Jean Stafford Camp ’43 Scholarship

Jeanne Smith Harley Endowment for Mickel Library

Jeffrey Willis Endowed Scholarship

Joe Ann Level Award of Excellence Endowment

Joe R. and Joella F. Utley Foundation Endowed Scholarship

John Edward Johnston Scholarship

John Wiley and Rowena Eaddy Williams Scholarship

Johnson Academic Endowed Scholarship

Judy Voss Jones Endowed Scholarship

Julia B. Klumpke Scholarship

Justine V.R. Milliken Endowed Scholarship

Karen White Holding Fund

Kathleen Elura Jones Copeland Scholarship

Kathryn Lemmon Dibble Endowed Scholarship Kinney Family Scholarship Endowment

KPB Anonymous Scholarship

Kurt and Nelly Zimmerli Endowed Scholarship

Ladson H. Beach Endowed Scholarship

Lalla Nimocks Overby ’45 Endowed Scholarship

Leigh Anne Ward ’97 Endowed Scholarship Fund

Lillian Caldwell Cecil Endowed Scholarship

Liz White Calvert ’84 Spirit of Converse Scholarship

Lola Rosborough Johnston Scholarship

Louise B. Carlisle Gavel Scholarship

Louise Salley Hartwell Scholarship

Louise Williamson Winslow Lewis Scholarship

Lucie Lorenz Watkins Scholarship

Lucille Hawkins Seixas Scholarship

Lynn Stephens Scholarship

Malloy Family Scholarship Endowed Fund

Margaret Andrews Helmus Eagan Scholarship

Margaret F. Porter Scholarship

Margaret Goette Brooks ’66 Endowment Scholarship

Marian Ritchie Johnson ’48 Endowed Scholarship

Marion and Wayland Cato Scholarship

Marion Rivers Cato Endowed Scholarship Fund

Marjorie R. Polchow 2011 Endowment Scholarship in Vocal Performance

Marsha H. Gibbs Endowed Scholars Fund

Martha Jane McWhite Heath Scholarship

Martha Moore Scholarship

Martha Phifer Memorial Scholarship

Martha Robinson Rivers Scholarship

Mary Adair Edwards Phifer Scholarship

Mary Anderson Craig Harris Scholarship Fund

Mary Andrews Stables Scholarship

Mary Ann Craft Endowed Scholarship

Mary Chambless Dryer Cloud Scholarship

Mary Elizabeth Dowling Able Scholarship

Mary Emily Platt Jackson Music Scholarship

Mary F. Smith Memorial Scholarship

Mary Gammon Dickson 1912 Memorial Scholarship

Mary Helen Dalton Scholarship

Mary Jane Edwards Young ’47 Endowment Scholarship for Petrie School of Music

Mary Kennedy Berry ’41 Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Mary Lowndes Barron Smith Endowed Scholarship

Mary Nicholson Endowed Fund

Mary Wilson Gee Scholarship Mary Z. Ward Music Scholarship

Mayes Family Scholarship Mildred Johnston Hay Scholarship

Mildred R. Orr Endowed Scholarship

Milliken Fund

Min Murray Haselden Cheves Scholarship M

indy Traphagan Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Howard Suitt Sr. Scholarship

Mrs. Ben W. Montgomery Scholarship

Mrs. Robert I. Woodside Award Fund

Nancy McCall Poynor Scholarship Fund

Nancy Reep Tait Voice Scholarship

Neville Holcombe Americanism Scholarship

Norfolk Southern Endowed Scholarship

Pacolet Manufacturing Company Scholarship

Paul C. and Josephine A. Thomas Music Scholarship

Peggy Bradford Long ’49 Endowed Scholarship

Priscila Mullen Gowen Memorial Endowment Scholarship Fund

R. J. Little Family Scholarship

Rachel Minshall Waters Endowed Scholarship

Rachelle Ellison Mickel Endowed Scholarship

Radiana Pazmor Scholarship from Pi Kappa Lambda

Rebecca Gilbert Chancellor Scholarship

Renea’ Parker ’99 Endowed Scholarship Retired Faculty Scholarship

Robert L. Maclellan Music Scholarship

Robert L. Maclellan Undergraduate Merit Scholarship Robert T. Coleman, Jr. Scholarship

Rochelle Grubb Memorial Scholarship

Rose Cornelson Montgomery Scholarship Rose Montgomery Johnston Scholarship

Ruby and Albert Flaccoe Endowed Fund

Ruth Paddison Music Scholarship

Ruth Paddison Arts and Sciences Scholarship

Clay Williams Music Scholarship

Salley Hite Anderson Endowed Scholarship

Sandra Sherard Bethea Scholarship

Sara Gossett Crigler Scholarship

Sara Routh Plyer Scholarship

Sarah E. Lobban ’58 Endowed Scholarship

Sarah Sitton Gambrell Scholarship Endowment

Sarah Stacy Butler Endowed Scholarship

Serena Lee Scholarship

Simpson Scholarship

JM Smith Foundation Endowed Scholarship

South Carolina State Fair Endowed Scholarship

Spartan Mills Scholarship

Steve Hunt Theatre Scholarship Endowment

Strom Thurmond & Holly Richardson Public Service Scholarship

Susie Mathews Abney Scholarship

Tara LeWynn Sturdivant ’85 Endowment Scholarship

Tom and Mary Slaughter Endowed Scholarship

Tom and Tracy Hannah Endowed Scholarship

Vernon B. & Everiell Ivey Hallman ’38 Scholarship Fund

Virginia Kiser Beach Endowed Scholarship

Virginia Mae McCall Gore Scholarship

Virginia Tompkins McLaughlin Scholarship

W. Hayward Ellis Memorial Theatre Scholarship

Wallace Duncan Dupre Sr. Scholarship

Wallace W. and Nelia W. Littlejohn Scholarship

Walter S. Montgomery Sr. Scholarship

Warren E. Barker Music Scholarship Fund

Weisiger Outstanding Scholar-Athlete Scholarship

William Randolph Hearst Endowed Scholarship Fund

Winged Victory Scholarship


Converse University awards scholarships that are funded annually by individuals, foundations and corporations to provide merit or need-based support to qualified students.

Annual Scholarships Advance America Scholarship

Charner William Bramlett Memorial Fellowship Fund

Floride Smith Dean ‘25 Music Scholarship

Peggy Thomson Gignilliat Music Scholarship

Grace Heck Adopt-A-Scholar Scholarship

Dean Joseph H. Hopkins Annual Scholarship

Mary Hart Law Annual Music Scholarship

Charles and Mary New Scholarship

H. Morgan Rogers and Anne W. Rogers Scholarship Fund

Rotary Club Scholarship

SCICU Scholars Program

D. L. Scurry Foundation Scholarship

Virginia Turner Self Scholarship

Walter Spry Memorial Scholarship

Algernon Sydney and Mary Mildred Sullivan Scholarship

TG Scholarship

Emily Leigh Tunno Scholarship

Elizabeth Hubbard Wakefield Scholarship

Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation Scholarship