Faculty Associate Professors, Assistant Professors, Instructors and Librarians

Andrew Blanchard, associate professor of art
BA, University of Southern Mississippi; MFA, The University of Mississippi. (2005, 2010)

Laura Feitzinger Brown, associate professor of English, director of arts & humanities, Nisbet honors program
BA, Williams College; MA, University of Virginia; PhD, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill (1997, 2003); MA, Saint Leo's University.

William C. Case, associate professor of chemistry, co-director of Nisbet honors program, associate provost for student success 
AB, BS, PhD, Duke University. (2015, 2019)

Reed Chewning, associate professor of education, secondary and middle level program director, director of clinical experience
BA, Wofford College, MEd Converse University; PhD, Clemson University. (2015)

Amy E. Cox, associate professor of marketing, chair of department of business
BA, Duke University; MBA, University of Michigan; PhD, University of Minnesota. (2006, 2011)

Susanne Gunter, associate professor of art education, chair department of art, design, and letters
BA, Limestone; MA, EdD, University of South Carolina (2010, 2013, 2019)

Kelly Harrison-Maguire, associate professor of education, associate dean of education, CAEP coordinator
BA, MEd, Converse University; PhD, Clemson University. (2000, 2006)

Jennifer Hawk, associate professor of chemistry
BS, Hillsdale College; PhD, Duke University. (2016)

Chandra Owenby Hopkins, dean of the Converse College for Women, associate professor of theatre
BA, Brenau University; MFA, Virginia Commonwealth University; PhD, University of Kansas. (2013, 2019)

Douglas Jensen, associate professor of biology, chair of department of natural sciences
BS, University of Michigan; PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. (1999, 2014)

Julie Jones, associate professor of education, director of student teaching
BA, Converse University; MA, University of South Carolina; PhD, Clemson University. (2014)

Susana M. Lalama, associate professor of music education, conductor of the wind ensemble, director of the petrie school of music
BM, MM, PhD, University of Miami. (2014)

Janet R. LeFrancois, associate professor of psychology
BA, Converse University; MA, PhD, West Virginia University. (1985, 1991)

Marie Louise LePage, associate professor of psychology
BA, The University of Mary Washington; MA, PhD, Kent State University. (2012, 2018)

Susan Lynn Lyle, associate professor of voice
BA, Kalamazoo University; MM, Peabody Conservatory of Music; DMA, University of Oregon. (1996, 2004)

Valerie K. MacPhail, associate professor of voice, assistant director of the petrie school of music
BA, University of William and Mary; MM, Florida State University; additional graduate study, University of Illinois; DMA, University of South Carolina. (1994, 2000, 2019)

Margaret S. Moore, associate professor of physical education, faculty senate president
AB Queens University; MEd, University of Georgia. (1973, 1991)

Richard Mulkey, associate professor of English, director of creative writing and MFA programs
BA, Bluefield University; MS, Radford University; MFA, Wichita State University. (1995, 2000)

Melissa Owens, associate professor of theatre
AAS, Seattle Central Community University; BA, Moyne University; MA, Miami University; MFA, Kent State University. (2012, 2018)

Margaret E. Park, associate professor of education, director of deaf and hard of hearing program
BA, Hood University; MA, PhD, Northcentral University. (2014)

Carol L. Shultis, associate professor of music therapy
BS, Lebanon Valley University; MEd, Pennsylvania State University; PhD, Temple University. (2012, 2018)

Jessica Sorrells, associate professor of mathematics, chair of mathematics and computer science
BA, Transylvania University; MS, PhD, University of Iowa. (2015)

Sharon M. Smith Strickland, associate professor of chemistry, associate chair of biology, chemistry and physics
BA, Francis Marion University; MS, PhD, University of South Carolina. (2006, 2016)

Susan C. Tekulve, associate professor of English
BA, Miami University; MFA, Wichita State University. (1999, 2005)

Meg Hanna-Tominaga, associate professor of theatre, chair of theater and dance department
BA, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay; MFA University of Hawaii- Manoa. (2015)

Christopher M. Vaneman, associate professor of flute and musicology, dean of the school of the arts
BM, Eastman School of Music; MM, MMA, DMA, Yale University School of Music. (2001, 2009)



Pamela Agudelo, assistant professor of accounting
BS, University of South Carolina Upstate; MBA, University of South Carolina. (2021) 

Joseph S. Barrera, assistant professor of mathematics
BS, Ball State University; MS, PhD, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. (2017)

Mahdokht Behravan, assistant professor of physics
BS, PhD, Michigan State University. (2017)

Mark Bohler, assistant professor of biology 
BS, PhD, Virginia Tech University (2022)

Peter H. Brown, assistant professor of computer science
BA, Williams College; MS, PhD, University of North Carolina (2003); MA, Saint Leo's University.

Mary E. Carlisle, assistant professor of art
BFA, Converse University; MS, Drexel University: MFA, Lesley University. (2017)

Bilal Celik, assistant professor of business administration
BA, Ege University, Turkey; MS, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; PhD, University of Tennessee. 2020)

William Corder, assistant professor of education
BA, University of South Carolina; MEd, Clemson University; EdD, University of South Carolina.

Liz Eggerding, assistant professor of music therapy
BS/BA, SUNY at Fredonia; MS, Radford University; PhD, Lesley University (candidate).

Angela Esco Elder, assistant professor of history
BA, MA, PhD, University of Georgia. (2017)

Riaheen Farzana, assistant professor of business administration
BCom, MCom, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh; MBA, Southeast Missouri State University; PhD, Southern Illinois University. (2020)

Elena Ghionis, assistant professor of education, director of special education

Keshia Jackson Gilliam, assistant professor of education, director of the master in management professional leadership program 
AB, Spartanburg Technical College; BA, Converse College; MA, Webster University; EdD, Argosy University. (2014).

Lee Givins, Jr., assistant professor of education, associate dean of graduate studies, director of professional leadership program
BS, The Citadel; MEd, Furman; EdS, PhD, University of South Carolina. (2016)

Jerome Gomez, assistant professor of interior design, CIDA representative, coordinator of interior design
BS, Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale; MFA Miami International University of Art and Design (2012)

Steven Graff, assistant professor of piano
BM, MM, The Juilliard School; DMA, City University of New York (2020)

Tanya Greenlee, assistant professor of accounting
BA, Wofford College; MAcc, Auburn University. (2021)

Edward Griffin, assistant professor of biology 
BS, Saint Michaels College; PhD, University of Alabama (2022)

Emily Harbin, assistant professor of English, director of Women's Studies
BA, Converse University; MA, PhD, Vanderbilt University. (2014, 2019)

Jeffrey Howard, assistant professor of English, director of the writing center 
PhD, Idaho State University (2022)

Annika Karlsen-Marshall assistant professor, associate clinic director in the marriage and family therapy (UCG)
BS/BA Weber State University; MA, Pepperdine University; PhD University of Georgia. (2020)

Ashley Lazevnick, assistant professor of art
B.A., Colgate University; M.A. Williams College; PhD Princeton University (2010, 2012, 2018).

Courtney LeBauer, assistant professor of violin
BMus, Rice University; MMus, University of Michigan; DMA Cleveland Institute of Music (2019).

Margaret Lee, assistant professor of education
BA, North Carolina State University; MEd, Converse University; EdD, Gardner-Webb University. (2017)

Stefania Licata, assistant professor of Hispanic studies
BA, MA, Universitá degli Studi di Palermo; MA, PhD, Stony Brook University. (2017)

James Lies, assistant professor of education
BA, Anderson University; MEd, Furman University; EdD, Converse University (2022)

Amanda Mangum, assistant professor of mathematics
BS, Centre University; MS, PhD, North Carolina State University. (2019)

Jeff Martin, assistant professor of education, professional leadership program
BA, State University of NY; MA, Bowling Green State University; PhD, Clemson University. (2004)

Deneisha Scott-Poe, assistant professor of education 
MA, Appalachian State University; ABD, Virginia Tech University (2022)

Morgan Strickland, assistant professor of marriage and family therapy, associate program director
BA, The University of North Carolina; MS, East Carolina University; PhD, Florida State University

M. Evan Thomas, assistant professor of marriage and family, chair and program director of marriage and family therapy
BS, University of Georgia; MS Purdue University; ABD/PhD, Virginia Tech University (2019)

Jena Thomas, assistant professor of art
BFA, Massachusetts University of Art and Design; MFA, University of Miami. (2016)

Sara Torres, assistant professor of English
AB, Princeton University; MA, UCLA; PhD, UCLA (2014)

Allison Vick, assistant professor of politics 
BA, MPA, Augusta University; PhD, University of Georgia (2022)

Adelaide Watson,  assistant professor of education
BA, MEd, EdD, Converse University (2022)

Laura Zeisler, assistant professor of art therapy
BFA, University of Colorado; MSW, Portland State University; MA, The Art Institute of Chicago. (2018)


Rachel Bani, instructor of music
BA, BME, Shepherd University; MMus, PhD, Florida Statue University (2022)

Ross Brendle, instructor of art
BA, University of California-Berkeley; PhD, Johns Hopkins University (2022)

Vivianne Carey, instructor of studio art: sculpture
BFA, Converse University; MFA Winthrop University (2016)

Andrea Ezell Elliott, instructor of art and design
BA, Converse University, MA, Winthrop University. (2013)

Jenna Elser, instructor of theatre 
BA, University of Tulsa; MFA, Florida State University (2022)

Kelly Kennedy, lecturer in marriage and family therapy
BA, Clemson University; MA, University of Georgia Athens; PhD, University of Georgia. (2012, 2018)

Michael Massengale, instructor of art
AA, Anderson University; BS, Appalachian State University; MFA, University of Hartford. (2018)

Mildred A. Roche, instructor of accompanying
BM, Converse College; MusM, Boston University (1984)

Allison Roux, instructor of theatre 
BFA, The State University of New York; MFA, University of North Carolina - Greensboro (2022)

Seal Nisbet Wilson, instructor of education, director of Child and Family Studies program
BS, Winthrop University; MA, Furman University; PhD, University of Southern University. (2018)


Wendi W. Arms, music librarian, associate librarian
BM, MM, Converse University. (1999, 2017)

Mark A. Collier, coordinator of reference and collections, associate librarian
AB, University of Georgia; MLIS, MA, Vanderbilt University. (1997)

Sarah Spigner, cataloging librarian
BMus, Converse University; PGDipl, Manchester Metropolitan University; MLIS, University of Alabama. 

Wade M. Woodward, director of Mickel Library, associate librarian
BS, Mississippi State University; MLS, University of Mississippi; MA, Norwich University. (1992)