Faculty Professors

Boone J. Hopkins, President, associate professor of theatre
AA, Gainesville State University: BA, Brenau University; MFA, Virginia Commonwealth University; PhD, University of Kansas. (2012, 2016)

Lienne Medford, professor of education, Dean of the Graduate School
BA, Hamilton University; MA, University of North Carolina; EdD, East Carolina University. (2017)

S. David Berry, professor of music history and theory
BM, University of Maryland; MM, Converse University; DMA, University of South Carolina. (1986, 2008)

Joe P. Dunn, Charles A. Dana professor of history and politics
BS, Southeast Missouri State University; MA, PhD, University of Missouri—Columbia. (1976, 1988)

Kevin DeLapp, Harold E. Fleming professor of philosophy
BA, University of California; PhD, Duke University. (2006, 2017)

Hatice Neval Erturk, professor of biology
BS, MS, Hacettepe University, Turkey; PhD, Virginia Tech. (2006, 2016)

Mirko M. Hall, professor of German studies, chair of Humanities and Cultures
BA, MA, PhD, University of Minnesota. (2007, 2017)

Rafael E. Hernández, Reeves Brothers professor of Hispanic Studies
B. Architecture, Bolivariana University; MS Planning, PhD in Spanish and Latin American Literatures, University of Tennessee. (1984, 1993)

Keith W. Jones, professor of voice and choral activities
BM, Furman University; MM, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; DM, Indiana University. (1999, 2011)

Richard G. Keen, professor of psychology
Kent State University; PhD, Indiana University. (2004, 2017)

Monica L. McCoy, professor of psychology
BA, Grove City University; MS, Villanova University; PhD, University of Wyoming. (1997, 2014)

Malcolm Scott Robbins, professor of musicology and composition,
BA, Wake Forest University; AM, Duke University; DMus, Florida State University. (1998, 2008)

Erin E. Templeton, Dean of the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences; interim Dean of the School of Business and Data Science, professor of English
BA, MA, Pennsylvania State University; PhD, University of California. (2007, 2011)

John M. Theilmann, Andrew Helmus Distinguished professor of history and politics, chair Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences
BA, University of Missouri, Rolla; MA, MPA, PhD, University of Georgia. (1985, 2010)

Kelly A. Vaneman, professor of oboe and musicology, chair of Musicology and Composition
BM, Baylor University; MM, MMA, DMA, Yale University School of Music; Certificate of Performance, Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel. (1997, 2017)

Edward C. Woodfin, George Dean Johnson, Jr. professor of history
BS, Baylor University; MA, PhD, Texas A & M University. (2005, 2016)

Madelyn V. Young, Anne Morrison Chapman Distinguished Professor of International Study,
associate professor of economics

AB, Indiana University; MA, University of Notre Dame; PhD, Georgia State University. (1991,1996)