Mission and Vision

Mission of Converse University

Converse empowers students to become transformative leaders who see clearly, decide wisely, and act justly.

Vision of Converse University

Converse advances a culture of belonging and collaboration that ignites creativity, innovation, and transformation.

About Converse University

Converse was founded in 1889 by citizens of Spartanburg, SC, who aimed to create an educational experience for women, and in fall 2020 it welcomed its first undergraduate co-educational incoming class.  On July 1, 2021 Converse formally acknowledged its long-held university status with a name change to Converse University. Converse University encompasses the School of Business and Data Sciences, the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the School of the Arts, and the Graduate School. While Converse is now co-educational across all programs, through the programming of the Converse College for Women, we reaffirm the founder's conviction that a small, undergraduate, residential, liberal arts college is a uniquely powerful environment for developing women's talents.