The Pass/Fail regulation allows students to take courses of interest without affecting the student’s GPA, unless a grade of F is received in the course. Students are allowed to enroll in courses that are normally graded courses for pass/fail credit providing they adhere to the following guidelines.

  1. Courses that are required Pass/Fail, such as Computer Literacy, internship or practicum are not part of this policy.

  2. Each student may take up to eight (8) credits of the 120 required credits for graduations on a Pass Fail basis at the student's discretion. The student and the student's advisor are responsible for keeping track of these hours.

  3. A student may not take the following for Pass/ Fail:

    1. Courses that will be a part of the student’s major, minor, or general education program.

    2. Honors courses.

    3. Directed Independent Studies.

  4. To be eligible for a Pass/Fail course, a student must have:

    1. Completed 30 credit hours of college courses.

    2. A GPA of 2.5 of higher.

    3. Permission of the student's advisor. Students not meeting these minimum criteria may be allowed to receive Pass/Fail credit with permission of their advisor.

  5. A student must tell the Registrar that they plan to take a course for Pass/Fail by the end of the course add period at the beginning of the semester. The student must have the advisor’s signature indicating permission to take the course on a Pass/Fail basis as well as written permission from the instructor.

  6. Grades of P do not count toward the student’s GPA, but the credits are awarded towards the degree. Grades of F are recorded as such on the student’s transcript, and are calculated as part of the student’s GPA.

  7. Repeated courses must be taken for letter grades, regardless of how they were originally taken.