Programs for Study Abroad

Jan Term Travel

Converse offers a number of unique opportunities during the Jan Term and occasionally over Spring Break, Summer Break and Fall Break. These programs, which are designed and led by Converse faculty, are often interdisciplinary and provide students with the opportunity to earn general education, major, minor, or elective credit. Course offerings vary from year to year and have included travel to various destinations in Europe as well as South and Central America, and New Zealand. Recent examples include a trip to Italy to study art and Austria to study German and music history. In addition to international study during the Jan Term, Converse also will occasionally offer students the opportunity to travel domestically for academic credit. These courses are also designed and led by Converse faculty and have included travel to Florida and Wyoming.

Other Opportunities

In addition to Converse-led travel courses, students can also study abroad for a semester, an academic year, or during the summer in countries across the globe. Recently Converse students have spent semesters in Belgium, Germany, and Hungary. Students interested in studying abroad for a semester or an entire academic year are encouraged to start planning for this opportunity as early as possible in consultation with their academic advisor(s) and the Director of International Studies. Dr. Madelyn Young, Director of International Studies, will work with students to select an appropriate program based on academics, time frame, and other considerations such as cost and housing arrangements. In many instances, it is possible to establish consortium agreements with other institutions so that grades and credits are recorded as if the courses had been taken at Converse. In other cases, grades will be recorded as transfer credits.

Nisbet Honors Program in Scotland

Through the selective Principia Consortium, students in the Converse Nisbet Honors Program are eligible for consideration for a special honors study abroad experience at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. The Scotland program is available for Fall or Spring. Interested students should contact the Director of the Honors Program for more information about the application process.

From time to time, other travel opportunities may arise as part of the various extra-curricular or co- curricular activities such as Model League Programs or the Petrie School of Music. These trips are arranged and led by their respective faculty or staff advisors.

Study Abroad Scholarships

Converse provides a number of scholarship opportunities to support study abroad. Eligible students who will be earning academic credit for their study travel experiences may apply for scholarship assistance from the University. Applications for the 2021-22 academic year can be found online at My.Converse and will open in the early Spring semester. Application forms will remain open for approximately 4 weeks but students are advised to consult the deadlines posted to Daily Announcements and My.Converse. Scholarship amounts vary from year to year. Specific requirements for awards are listed below, but all awards require students to be in good academic standing with the University. Preference is given to students who have not previously received study-travel scholarships from Converse.

All students may apply for a Chapman scholarship, which honors alumna Anne Morrison Chapman and the Wean Family Study Travel scholarship. Both awards are open to all Converse students who wish to participate in a study-travel experience regardless of major. The Chapman award is restricted to students traveling outside of the United States.

The Bynum Study Travel Scholarship is awarded to the Converse student who has demonstrated the highest levels of academic achievement at Converse. Academic merit is the primary consideration for this award but financial need may also be considered.

Students majoring in Interior Design are eligible to apply for the Caughman scholarship, which honors alumna Sally Harmon Caughman. Preference may be given to students with financial need.

Students majoring in English are eligible to apply for the Morgan scholarship, which honors Professor Emeritus Charles Morgan. Preference is given to students participating in Converse travel experiences, particularly those for English credit, and to those students demonstrating financial need.

Nisbet Honors students are also eligible to apply for a study abroad scholarship from the Nisbet program. This scholarship applications are accepted in the fall semester, and interested students should contact the Nisbet program directors for more information.

Additional scholarship opportunities for students who wish to travel domestically may be available during the academic year thanks to our new Q.E.P. program, Converse Across Boundaries.

Students are encouraged to contact Dr. Madelyn Young, Director of International Studies, to learn more about study travel opportunities at Converse or visit the Study Travel section of the Converse website.