Readmission of Service Members

Service members who leave for active duty will be readmitted to Converse University with the same academic status achieved when last attending or when last admitted.  A leave of absence (LOA) will pertain to service members if they depart while enrolled in classes. This applies to any student who cannot attend due to military service.

Service members whose education is disrupted for more than 30 consecutive days will be withdrawn from courses.  

Undergraduate service members will be eligible to re-enroll into their program and academic catalog so long as they return within that academic year. Students who are away from the University longer than that one academic year are eligible for re-enroll, but under a new catalog up to three years after their departure.  After this time period, a service member must reapply to the University.

Graduate service members may re-enroll in classes once they notify the Dean of the School of Education and Graduate Studies of their intention to return. Service members have five years to complete their degrees under the same catalog.