Requirements for the Bachelor’s Degree

The requirements for the bachelor’s degree include the completion of a minimum of 120 credit hours and a cumulative grade point ratio of at least 2.0 on the cumulative hours attempted. Also, in all majors or majors and minors a minimum GPA is required. (See each department for further information). Included in the minimum number of credit hours to graduate are the General Education Program (GEP) requirements, and the requirements for a single major, major and minor, or double major.

The general education requirements for students seeking a BA, BS or BFA are detailed in the section of the Catalog “Requirements for the General Education Program”. For students majoring in music the GEP requirements are listed in each program of study in the section of the Catalog “Carroll McDaniel Petrie School of Music.”

Most majors consist of a minimum of 30 credit hours of coursework in one academic discipline and a double major consists of the course requirements for the major in two academic disciplines. No more than four courses that are cross-listed or that are required for both majors may count toward the satisfaction of the major requirements in the two majors. For cross-listed courses, the student will receive credit in the subject area for which the student has chosen to register. They may not change their choice of course designation at a later date without the approval of the Associate Provost for Student Success.

If a student takes more than 42 hours in one academic discipline, the hours over 42 will not count toward hours for graduation. Exception: This limitation will not apply to a unified program offered with the approval of the General Faculty.

A minor consists of a minimum of 18 credit hours in a planned program of study within a given department. Refer to the portion of the Catalog devoted to the departments for specific information about the minor programs offered. The University permits interdisciplinary minors, which require a minimum of 21 credit hours in planned programs between two (or more) departments.

Students may select a major, major and minor, or double major as early as the fall term of the freshman year or during the sophomore year. The student completes the “Declaration of Major” form that is available from the Office of the Registrar or the Office of the Associate Provost for Student Success to declare or to change a major, minor or degree.

Students are assigned an advisor in the academic discipline that is declared as a major and in the case of double major the student must also consult an advisor in the second major. The department chair of the minor usually directs the course work in the minor.

Elective courses are those that are taken not to satisfy the requirements of the GEP, the major, or the minor, but to complete the minimum 120 hours necessary for the bachelor’s degree. Students choose these courses according to their own preferences from the general curriculum. Students who seek admission to graduate professional schools, such as law or medicine, should consult the section titled “Career and Pre- Professional Programs”.

To be eligible for the bachelor’s degree, the student must complete no fewer than the last 42 credit hours of coursework at Converse. Exception: Upon approval of the Associate Provost for Student Success a student may be permitted to complete up to six of the last 42 hours at another accredited institution. Ordinarily this exception does not apply to students who have earned a total of only 42 hours of coursework at Converse.

To be eligible for graduation with honors, students must have completed a minimum of 60 hours of credit at Converse University.

In addition to the academic and residency requirements, the University requires as a condition for the awarding of any diploma, the payment of all fees and fines owed to the University; the performance of any obligation, such as an exit interview, connected with a student loan; the completion of any sanction resulting from the student judicial system; and completion of assessment instruments during their freshman and junior years. Students must also apply through the Office of the Registrar for graduation no later than the last week of the Fall Term prior to the regular commencement exercises.