Retaking a Course

A student will be allowed to retake any course in which the student has earned a deficient grade of D or F at Converse, subject to the following conditions:

  1. The student may retake a course no more than one time.

  2. The student must take the course at Converse to receive any benefits provided by these regulations in the grade average.

  3. The course must be retaken before the student has successfully completed more than two courses for which it is a prerequisite.

  4. The student will not be permitted to take an overload during any term in which the student retakes a course.

  5. The grade and quality points earned in the retaken course will be entered upon the student’s record; however, no grade will be removed from the student’s academic record.

  6. Quality points and credit hours earned in the course retaken will be substituted for the quality points and credit hours in the course with the deficient grade.

  7. A course retaken will count once in the GPA calculation.