Second Baccalaureate Degree

  1. Converse does not grant to an individual two baccalaureate degrees of the same kind, e.g., two BA, two BFA, two BS or two BMus degrees.

  2. Students who wish to add another major program to a degree already completed may do so, but this accomplishment is recognized only by notation on the permanent transcript record, not by issuance of a second diploma.

  3. A person who wishes to take at Converse a baccalaureate degree of the same kind as one previously completed at another college is eligible under the same conditions as those that apply to students working for a second Converse baccalaureate degree.

    1. the major requirements for the second degree;

    2. the residence requirement of a minimum of 42 hours at Converse; and

    3. the grade average required for graduation.

  4. Any issue concerning the acceptability of previously earned credits, such as their appropriateness to the second degree or the length of time since their completion, should be referred to the Registrar.