The Converse Alumni Association & Office of Alumni Relations

The purpose of the Converse Alumni Association is to connect alumni to Converse and to each other, to provide valued services to members of the Association, and to support the mission of the University. Anyone who has attended Converse College or Converse University for one academic year is considered as part of the Alumni Association.

The Converse Alumni Association Board is a volunteer board made up of Converse alumni. Each board member is nominated and selected for a two-year term and may continue to serve in various capacities for up to eight consecutive years. Board members are expected to attend at least two board meetings per year and participate in events held by the University and contribute to the Annual Fund. The Alumni Board is charged with supporting the goals of the Office of Alumni Relations set forth by the Director of Alumni Relations and Advisory Boards within Institutional Advancement.

Members of the Alumni Association Board are asked to provide ongoing support for Converse University, to communicate Converse’s vision, mission, and to encourage a strong connection among the alumni network. The Board is charged with increasing the visibility and promote the successes of Converse alumni.  They serve as a link to Converse and encourage alumni involvement in the areas of student recruitment, diversity, and equity as well as financial support and volunteerism.

The Office of Alumni Relations provides an array of programs and services for both undergraduate and graduate alumni.  These programs and events are designed to serve alumni by keeping them in touch with each other and Converse.  Programing includes the annual Converse Alumni Reunion; special events and receptions held across the country; View From the Tower a monthly electronic newsletter; and an annual Your Connection, alumni newsletter to keep our alumni network connected.

The Office of Alumni Relations plays a pivotal role in the transition from student to post-graduate alumni status and member of the Converse Alumni Association.  The Office of Alumni Relations hosts an annual welcome tent on Freshmen Move-In Day, participates in Admissions open houses, holds a Legacy ceremony during commencement each year, and remains connected through participation in campus events throughout the academic year.  

The Office of Alumni Relations collaborates with Converse College for Women to connect alumni and students through traditions like Big/Sis Lil/Sis week and the annual Thomas Family Senior Dinner, a celebration for graduating Seniors of the CCW held each May prior to Commencement.