The Curriculum

To prepare students for full participation in their society, Converse University offers a coherent academic program that encompasses a variety of educational experiences. All students complete a sequence of general education courses, which provide instruction in language and writing, analysis and problem solving, and physical coordination. Furthermore, they develop knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the various disciplines of the liberal arts to which they are introduced. All students also complete either a double major, a major and a minor, or a single major. Students concentrate on these areas of study in the last two years of their college work. Students may choose majors from the disciplines within the liberal arts or from career- related areas that have their foundations in one or more of these disciplines.

An outstanding feature of the Converse curriculum is the double major, which most students have the opportunity to complete in the regular four-year academic program. In a double major, students may choose two subjects within the liberal arts or may choose a traditional discipline and a career-related program. Thus, students interested in an area directly related to career preparation also have the opportunity to study one of the liberal arts subjects in depth, and students interested in more than one of these liberal arts subjects have a structure whereby they may pursue sophisticated and specialized work within two of these disciplines.