The Three-Year Degree

Students may complete the requirements for the BA degree in three years. The three-year degree is not a scaled-down education. It has the same components as the traditional four-year program. It differs only in the pace of the student’s work.

Any student who is able to maintain a satisfactory academic average is eligible, but obviously the more capable and highly motivated student will adjust more easily to the accelerated pace of study.

The Plan:

Year Fall Term Jan Term
First 5 courses
Physical Ed.
1 course
Second 5 courses 1 course
Third 5 courses 1 course
Year Spring Term Summer
First 5 courses
Physical Ed.
4 courses
Second 5 courses 3 courses
Third 4 courses  


*May be taken at any institution

This plan involves a maximum normal load of coursework during most of the University experience. In addition, it requires one full schedule and one part schedule of summer courses, at least some of which may be taken at another college, if the student prefers. As outlined, the plan is only a guide. It may be altered to suit the purpose of the individual student. Students who complete college courses in the summer before entry into the freshman class, or who receive credit by Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate, will proceed through the three-year program with greater ease and convenience. Summer work before the freshman year should be undertaken upon the advice of the Registrar.