Transfer Course Evaluation

Transfer coursework will be evaluated by the Registrar in consultation with the appropriate department chairs (as needed).

Courses completed in a degree program from an accredited college or university with a grade "C" or better and applicable to the curriculum at Converse are accepted in transfer.  Evaluations made by Converse hold only if the student is consecutively enrolled at and graduates from Converse.

Students must request that each institution they have attended send an official, final transcript to the Office of Admissions.  If it is discovered that a student has not submitted all transcripts, their status will be changed from degree-seeking to non-degree seeking by the registrar pending a hearing.  The hearing committee will consist of representatives from Admissions, Financial Planning, and Academic Affairs.

Transfer students from the state of South Carolina must provide a high school transcript.  All other transfer students must provide an Official high school transcript if they have not successfully completed a two-year program.

Converse University may award academic credit from military service only after an official transcript from ACE (American Council on Education) is sent for evaluation. Credit is awarded on a case by case basis.