Writing Center

Located on the second floor of the Mickel Library in Suite 204, the Writing Center provides writing assistance for any academic subject to all students enrolled at Converse. It offers flexible support, including both face-to-face and online help. In addition, any student who wishes to enhance their skills, independent of specific coursework, or have a friendly reader for their newest poem, essay or story, can find assistance in the center. The Writing Center offers assistance with learning pre-writing strategies, understanding the writing process, developing a thesis, strengthening the focus of a paper, including supporting details, creating effective introductions, recognizing strengths and needs, and increasing understanding of proper grammar. Peer Consultants at the Writing Center do not simply proofread papers; they actively nurture their clients’ writing processes, serve as a thoughtful trial audience, and help students learn to identify and correct their own errors.

Questions can be directed to writingcenter@converse.edu. Appointments can be booked by visiting https://converse.mywconline.com/ and selecting the “Writing Center” schedule after registering.