Attendance at Classes

Converse emphasizes the importance of attending all classes and keeping other academic appointments.

  1. Class attendance requirements are set by the instructor. Requirements may vary from instructor to instructor and from course to course. Attendance requirements are stated by the course syllabus. All sanctions are determined by the instructor. Students cannot be withdrawn from courses because of absences. It is the student’s responsibility to be familiar with attendance requirements and to seek information if the requirements are not clear to them.
  2. Responsibility for Work: The student is responsible for any work missed during an absence. Burden of proof that the work is completed rests with the student. When the work cannot be satisfactorily tested by written examinations, the instructor judges the relation of the student’s attendance or non-attendance to the grade. When the student is absent from class on the day of a previously announced test, the student may receive a failing grade on the test if the instructor considers the absence unjustified.
  3. Waiting for the Instructor: Students are required to wait at least fifteen minutes before leaving a classroom when the instructor has been delayed in arrival.
  4. The instructor submits weekly attendance reports to the Assistant Dean for Academic Support.