Campus Buildings

  1. Montgomery Student Activities Building
    1. Valkyries Station
    2. University Bookstore
    3. Gibbs Chapel/ Chaplain’s Office
    4. Valkyrie Supply
    5. Mailroom
    6. Jane Marion Wilson SGA Suites/ Multicultural Center
    7. Day Student Lounge
    8. Academic Advising and Career Development
    9. Student Life
    10. Physical Education Areas/ Swimming Pool
      1. The use of the swimming pool and fitness center is permitted only during posted times. A Water Safety Instructor will be on Lifeguard duty.
      2. Students may have a guest as long as they stay with the guest.
      3. Students must abide by all specific regulations for each area. If these privileges are abused, students will be asked to leave.
    11. Dance Studios
    12. Barnet Room
    13. Piedmont Natural Gas Room
    14. Montgomery Lobby
      1. To reserve the lobby and/or tables, read the SOLICITATION POLICY FOR MONTGOMERY LOBBY
      2. If a student organization wishes to use the lobby for a fundraiser, read STUDENT FUNDRAISING POLICIES AND REGULATIONS
  2. Twichell Auditorium and Daniel Recital Hall
    1. Food and drink are not allowed in the auditorium.
    2. Use of electronic devices are prohibited during performances.
    3. Converse University is a smoke free environment.
  3. Classrooms
    1. No food or drink are allowed in the classrooms.
    2. Classrooms should be reserved through the Registrar’s Office.
    3. Policy on the use of classroom buildings after posted with closing hours
    4. All classrooms are unavailable to students after closing hours.
  4. Reservation of Campus Buildings and Facilities are made online at