Campus Technology

Location: Kuhn 329
Help line: 864.596.9457

Student Repair Services

Campus Technology offers non-warranty services to students in the form of troubleshooting hardware issues, malware removal, assistance with configuration and installation of fully licensed student owned software. We encourage students to email or call ahead for a more efficient drop off experience. Please call 864.596.9457 or email us at

Getting Connected to the Campus Network

Students may connect to the Wireless Network throughout campus. Each room is also equipped with at least one Ethernet Port, for a hardwired connection. Personal Wireless Access Points are not allowed on the Converse Network.

Please note: The CT staff members are not responsible for the functionality of any student’s computer. The department’s sole obligation is to connect and maintain students’ connections to the campus network. All other technical dif iculties or questions, or printer problems are to be directed to the appropriate vendor. If you have an emergency and would like a CT person to look at your hardware problem, you must bring the computer (not the monitor) to CT.

Computer Labs

  1. Schedules will be posted respectively at each lab location.
  2. Rules
    1. Use of the labs is restricted to Converse students, faculty and staff.
    2. Cell phones must be turned off when using the Labs.
    3. No food or drink of any kind is permitted in any of the labs
    4. Rearranging the keyboards or other lab equipment from their original positions is not permitted.
    5. Academic use of the computers always has priority over play.
    6. Vandalism or stealing of any laboratory property will be treated as an honor code violation. 

Printing in Labs

Please note: Personal wireless printers are not permitted. Please use a USB cable to connect to your personal printers. Or, use one of the many lab, common area or library printers.

  • Users must have a network account.
  • Credits (dollars) will be added to each student’s account in the Fall Term.
  • If you should exceed your allotted dollars, additional print dollars may be purchased in the Business Office in the lower level of Carnegie. There are no refunds issued from print accounts.


  1. Accounts
    1. All students receive an email account for their use as long as they are enrolled at Converse. This account will be offered as a service through Google Apps for Education.
    2. Your account will remain active as an alumnae as long as Converse maintains an agreement with Google for Education and the provision of this account is free to the university.
    3. Check email frequently.
  2. User Responsibilities & Guidelines
    1. You may not use email services to harass, intimidate, or otherwise annoy another person. For example, chain letters or other unsolicited “junk” mail or hate mail is prohibited. Any email that does not conform to the practice is in violation of the electronic mail guidelines.
    2. Converse University considers any violations of user responsibilities to be a serious offense. The university reserves the right to copy and examine any files or information resident on university systems allegedly related to unacceptable use. Violators of these guidelines are subject to disciplinary action and revocation of all computer privileges.
    3. If you are found in violation of the Acceptable Use Policy Issues, the user’s account will be locked immediately. Further access to all computing resources will be denied. If you are using the university email system in order to submit class assignments to a faculty member, you will be responsible for making alternative arrangements with the faculty member.
    4. For other violations, the user’s account will be locked for thirty days. After the second offense, the user loses all access to computing resources.
    5. Criminal activity will be reported to the proper authorities. Criminal activities include, but are not limited to, fraud, unauthorized access, harassment, and copyright violations.

Internet Usage Policy

It is contrary to Converse University’s acceptable use policy to engage in the following: 

  • Generating excessive network traffic or consuming excessive network resources when using file sharing programs, such as Kazaa, Bearshare, etc.
  • Violating the US Copyright Law ( by downloading from the Internet any copyrighted audio, video, graphics, or text material without proof of proper license arrangements.

Cable Television 

  • Cable television support: CT provides support for the students, faculty and staff use of the campus cable system. Students must supply their own television and a cable to connect their television to the campus cable system. A channel listing can be found on My.Converse at this link.

Please note: CT does not repair students’ televisions, nor will the CT staff be able to provide assistance for any campus services provided by an outside source.