Converse University Core Values

The Converse University commitment to a culture of belonging and collaboration that ignites creativity, innovation, and transformation and the empowerment of transformative leaders with clear vision, wise decision, and just action is guided by seven core values. These enduring beliefs serve as the compass for the University. They transcend time, extend across the institution, and guide our actions and decisions.

EXCELLENCE drives us to achieve the best in all that we pursue; to develop competence, confidence and courage to realize full potential in mind, body and spirit.

INTEGRITY calls us to cultivate and exercise honor, character and vision in daily decisions and actions; to act honestly and justly when confronted with ethical dilemmas and life’s challenges.

EXPLORATION compels us to think critically and creatively in the acquisition of knowledge and skills; to discover and enrich scholarship and research, disciplines, methods and vocations through hands-on learning and leadership and through discovery, discourse and debate.

DIVERSITY inspires us to embrace the different perspectives, experiences, cultures, backgrounds, talents and contributions that comprise a global society; to enhance and expand inclusivity as we build a stronger multi-dimensional community.

RESPECT leads us to value self and others, recognizing the legitimacy of individuality in belief, expression and perspective; to exercise civility, mindfulness and responsibility in words and actions.

COMMUNITY motivates us to develop a dynamic network of relationships through a balance of work and play that nurtures the abilities of each member in order to establish a better whole; to mentor, collaborate and communicate as engaged citizens who effect positive change.

PROGRESS challenges us to think strategically toward the future by employing creativity, adaptability, ingenuity and innovation; to advance and transform the world around us.