Religious and Spiritual Life

Converse University recognizes the fact that religious and spiritual development is an important part of a college education for many students. The university employs a full-time chaplain and charters several religious groups, led by students and local religious leaders from Spartanburg, to foster the spiritual growth of students.

The Chaplain’s Office

The Office of the Chaplain provides programs and support to nurture the spiritual growth of Converse students, faculty and staff within their own faith traditions, and to promote awareness of various religious and non-religious expressions. Through fellowship, prayer, outreach, study and worship, members of the Converse community can deepen their understanding of spirituality and service. This integration of personal reflection and social action leads to the fulfillment of the Converse University Founder’s Ideal to “see clearly, to act justly, and be faithful to God and humanity.”

Learning about different Christian denominations and other religious traditions helps students to affirm what they already believe and enables them to relate to people from diverse backgrounds with respect. The University is committed to assisting students in developing these interpersonal skills which are essential for living and working productively in our global society. This commitment stems from the Founder’s Ideal, which states that Dexter Edgar Converse wished for the university to be “liberally and tolerantly Christian.”

For specific information or questions about services, programs and local places of worship, students are asked to contact the Chaplain at 864-596-9078 or to visit the Chaplain’s Office in the Montgomery Student Center (Montgomery 201A).

Student Ministries

Baptist Collegiate Ministries (BCM) and the UKirk (PCUSA) provide campus ministers whose outreach includes Converse, Wofford, University of South Carolina Upstate and Spartanburg Methodist College. Cru and FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) provide leadership from their national organizations to students, and these groups meet on campus throughout the month. The Newman Club (Catholic) is led by Converse students and is supported by local parish representatives from the Diocese as well as faculty advisors. This group often partners with the students at Wofford College. The Converse Coven is a student group that endeavors to create a communal space to celebrate and educate about earth-based religions, especially those that fall under the umbrella of Paganism. This group is student-led, with support from staff advisors. Converse Interfaith is a group that is student-led, with supervision and advising from the University Chaplain. This group seeks to educate students about underrepresented religious traditions on campus and encourage dialogue across lines of religious difference. Jewish students can find fellowship and support at the B’Nai Israel Temple close to the campus. Muslim students can also find fellowship and support at the Spartanburg Masjid. In addition, Hindu students can find fellowship and support at Hindu Society of Spartanburg.

Each campus ministry group/ religious life group formally recognized by SGA also has at least one faculty/ staff advisor from within the Converse community.