Rights of the Accused

Students accused of a violation of the Converse University Honor policy are assured of the following:

  • The University may act as the accuser.

  • Neither the accused nor the accuser has a right to external representation or Legal Counsel.

The accused student, whether requesting sanction hearing or board hearing, has the right to:

  • have specific charges outlined and explained

  • address the charges and confront the accuser

  • be treated in a civil and respectful manner

  • seek advice and assistance from any member of the Converse Faculty or Staff (However, the accused must present their case by themself.)

If the case is resolved by a hearing, the following rights are also implied:

  • The right to have specific charges outlined in a letter that will be delivered at least 48 hours in advance of scheduled hearing procedures

  • The right to hear all evidence presented during the hearing and to question witnesses

  • The right to call material witnesses deemed necessary and as approved by the Honor Board Chair at least 24 hours prior to the hearing

  • The right to call up to two character witnesses during the sanctioning process

Following the outcome of a hearing the following rights are implied:

  • The right to know the outcome of the hearing

  • The right to follow up documentation, and if found responsible, all sanctions for the charges

  • The right to request a meeting with the Honor Board Chair and Advisor to the Honor Board to understand the outcome of the hearing

  • The right to an appeal through the Dean of Students who will call together members of the University Appeals Board (see appeal process).