Student Accounts

The University bills tuition, room and board twice a year. Fifty percent (50%) is billed in July for fall term and is due the second Friday in August. Fifty percent (50%) is billed in December for spring term and is due the second Friday in January. A $100 late fee per term will be added to any student account that is not paid in full by the due date. Billing Statements are processed electronically and may be viewed monthly through the portal under the Student Billing Section. Payments may also be made through the portal.

All fees currently due must be paid in full before a student may register for classes, receive a diploma, or transcript of his/her records. These fees include tuition, room and board, library charges, traffic fines (including other area colleges), health center charges, returned checks, or other charges that may have occurred.

Converse University levies fines in order to enforce the regulations governing the use of the library and the driving and parking of vehicles on campus. Any member of the community has the right to question the regulations governing the enforcement or the fairness of any fine with the appropriate administrative officer. However, ignoring a fine or refusing to pay it will be a violation of the University’s authority to regulate campus life and will not be tolerated.

The University does not provide any in-house payment plans. Students desiring to make payments on their tuition, fees, room and board, must enroll in a payment plan through our third-party servicer, NelNet. More information can be found at All financial obligations must be satisfied through payment in full, estimated financial aid, or an adequate payment plan. Students will not be permitted to check into residence halls or begin classes without satisfying their financial obligation to the University.

A tuition deposit of $150 is due each year during the Spring semester. To reserve space in classes, a student must submit a non-refundable tuition deposit. The non-refundable tuition deposit is applicable to tuition for the upcoming year only. If a student elects not to return to Converse University, the fee will be forfeited. The required deposit is applied to the upcoming Fall semester charges.

There may be additional fees associated with some online courses for verifying a student's identity when taking proctored examinations. These fees are paid directly to the proctor or facility. They are not charged to a student's account. Questions about these fees should be directed to Peter Brown, Director of Distance Education.


Refund of Fees 

  1. Only tuition and board (meal) fees are eligible for refund.
  2. If a student, after registration, is dismissed from the University, they are not entitled to any refund of fees, or cancellation of any sum due and payable to the University.
  3. All students withdrawing through the first Friday following the first day of classes for Fall or Spring will be refunded 100% of tuition and board fees, less meals. Students withdrawing through the second Friday following the first day of class will be refunded 75% of tuition and board fees, less meals. Students withdrawing through the third Friday following the first day of class will be refunded 50% of tuition and board, less meals. Students withdrawing through the fourth Friday following the first day of class will be refunded 25% of tuition and board, less meals.
  4. All students withdrawing must file the appropriate paperwork with the appropriate officials prior to a refund being granted. Please contact the Office of the Registrar for details.
  5. No refund will be granted to a student who matriculates for the Fall and January Terms and elects not to register for the Spring Term.
  6. Students withdrawing in January and Summer term refer to the current year academic calendar for refund date (available at
  7. Students withdrawing during or after the conclusion of the January term will be charged for the meals for the January term.

Delinquent Accounts

Until all tuition, room and board, fees, and other charges of the student are paid in full, Converse University:

  1. Will not provide a diploma or transcript.
  2. Reserves the right not to allow a student to enroll in a new term, participate in graduation exercises, or register the student’s course grade on the transcript.
  3. After all reasonable attempts at collecting a past due balance have failed, accounts will be referred to a collection agency. In the event of collection with or without suit, the student is responsible for all fees of such collection which may be up to 29%. The Student will also be responsible for any attorney fees and court costs. In addition, interest at a rate of 18% per annum will be charged on outstanding balances. Students should understand that their financial obligation to Converse University constitutes an educational loan to assist in financing their education and is not dischargeable under the United States Bankruptcy Court.
  4. Educational debts for South Carolina residents will also be referred to the state for collection. This can result in the seizure of South Carolina tax refunds until the financial obligation is satisfied.
  5. It is the student's responsibility to drop a course from their schedule and if they fail to do so they will be responsible for all tuition and fees related to the course. Please refer to the academic calendar for drop/withdrawal dates and schedules.