Student Request for Mediation with a Faculty Member

Note: This policy does not include student complaints against faculty members regarding claims of discrimination on the basis of

  • race, color, and national origin;
  • sex (including pregnancy, parental status, or sex stereotypes);
  • disability; or age.

Students who believe they have been discriminated against on the basis of any of these four conditions should follow the grievance policy.



  1. Students are encouraged to contact professors to discuss any concerns students have about grades, faculty performance in the classroom, or faculty behavior toward students not included in the four categories (race, etc.) immediately above. Professors have office hours that are published on the door to their office and are on the syllabus for the class. Students wanting to talk with professors should speak with the professor before or after class, call the professor on the phone, or communicate via email to set up an appointment. Students who are not comfortable raising an issue or complaint with the faculty member should communicate with the department chair.
  2. If the student and the professor cannot resolve the issue, the student should make an appointment to talk with the department chair. The department chair will work with the student and the faculty member to attempt to resolve the issue.
  3. If the student and the department chair cannot resolve the issue, or if the student’s professor is the department chair, the student should go to the appropriate academic dean. The dean will attempt to resolve the issue and may consult with the provost in doing so. The decision of the dean is final.