A student who wishes to completely withdraw from the College is requested to participate in an exit evaluation process.  Any student intending to withdraw from the University will begin the process by completing a confidential, online questionnaire at the link below.

Once the questionnaire is complete, a Wellness Center staff member will send an email with withdrawal paperwork.

Students who complete a withdrawal during the term will receive a grade of W in the regular terms (Fall and Spring) until two weeks before the end of any course during the regular term and four days prior to the last day of Jan Term. No one may withdraw from a course(s) after this final date.  Students who are granted a withdrawal or who automatically withdraw after a leave of absence of one academic year must reapply to the College through the Office of Admission if they choose to re-enroll.

Please note: Students who withdraw from the College will be refunded tuition and fees based on the current academic calendar