Writing Center

Director: Jeff Howard

The Writing Center provides writing assistance for any academic subject to all students enrolled at Converse. The Writing Center’s staff members can supply feedback on a range of written assignments, including essays, response papers, lab reports, annotated bibliographies, and research grant proposals. We provide flexible support, including face-to-face conferences, live video conferences, and asynchronous paper review. In addition, any student who wishes to enhance their writing skills, independent of specific coursework, or have a friendly reader for their newest poem or personal statement for graduate school, can find assistance in the Center.

The Writing Center offers support with:

  • understanding the writing process
  • learning pre-writing strategies
  • identifying audience expectations
  • creating effective introductions
  • developing a thesis
  • strengthening an argument’s focus and flow
  • recognizing writing strengths and areas to improve
  • increasing understanding of proper grammar

The Writing Center provides students with one-on-one tutoring, reference books, handbooks, and English as a second language assistance. While the Center cannot provide a proofreading/editing service or a guarantee of better grades, it will serve as a caring and concerned trial audience for what students have written.

Students can book appointments with the Writing Center by visiting https://converse.mywconline.com/ and selecting the “Writing Center” schedule after registering. Morning and evening appointments are available.