Class Program
Credits 1

This supervised clinical is the first of two sequential, incremental clinical experiences for special education and elementary (40 hours required), and early childhood (50 hours required) majors. Students work with an individual child or small group, assess and plan instruction in the area of reading, assist in building the child’s self-esteem and confidence, aid in the development of thinking skills, and gain experience, practice, and training in the application of theory and skills when working with students. The candidates will give at least three pre- and post-assessments to determine the impact of student learning from the beginning of the clinical experience to the end. They will also teach a minimum of five lessons to an individual student and/or small group of students. Pass/Fail Grading. Offered Fall and Spring. Students must sign up for the clinical using


Major credit. Prerequisite for all education students: PRAXIS CORE: Passing scores in reading, writing, and math; Must be taken concurrently with EDU301 or EDU307.