Converse University seeks to enroll, in its undergraduate programs, academically well-prepared students who have demonstrated the potential to complete the requirements for graduation with success. Admission to Converse is based on a broad range of the applicant’s academic and personal qualifications including high school or college GPA, curriculum rigor, SAT or ACT scores (if submitted), and qualitative information gleaned from extracurricular records, personal statement, teacher and school counselor recommendations.

Detailed information including timelines, requirements, and application forms are available from the Office of Admissions either online or on-campus. All admissions decisions are made on a rolling basis with candidates typically informed of a decision within two weeks of completing their application and submitting the required materials. Prospective students are encouraged to apply early for the greatest consideration for scholarships and other opportunities.

Students are encouraged to visit the campus to meet with an admissions counselor as well as Converse faculty and students. Contact the Office of Admissions to make arrangements for campus visits. Individual appointments are available as well as various scheduled open houses and other visit events throughout the year.

Converse University will admit to the traditional undergraduate program students who, according to the requirements for admission, are qualified to attend the University.  Students whose high school transcript for six semesters gives evidence of the necessary scholastic ability are accepted conditionally upon submittance of transcripts.  A final transcript must be sent upon graduation from the high school.

Converse University reserves the right in its sole discretion to rescind any notice of acceptance or admission of any incoming student at any time prior to matriculation.