Suspension for Failing to Meet Probationary Stipulations

  • To re-establish eligibility a student must submit and have an approved appeal after completing a semester at Converse University without financial assistance. During the semester attended without financial assistance, a student must take at least 6 credit hours, complete 100% of the attempted hours and have at least a 2.0 term GPA.
  • Exceptions to this policy will only be allowed if the student encountered some type of extenuating circumstance during the probationary period that hindered the student from meeting the stipulations.
  • Examples of acceptable extenuating circumstances include prolonged hospitalization during the probationary period, death in the family during the probationary period, or other extenuating circumstances directly affecting academic performance. Because a student is aware prior to the probationary period that they must meet the stipulations, extenuating circumstances do not include being a single parent or working full-time while attending school.
  • Students are advised to solve difficulties prior to registering in a probationary period.